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Juan Jimenez


Juan was born in Colombia and moved to the states with his parents at the age of 3. He grew up in a small town in North Miami, called Aventura. Throughout his youth, he loved playing sports and going to the beach with friends. His parents enrolled him in sports at a young age and he will forever be grateful for that. He played Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis; Pretty much anything involving a ball, he was game. Now, he is 24 years old, and his hobbies haven’t changed that much. Juan is a big music guy and loves sharing his music taste with friends and jamming out whenever he gets a chance. He still loves going to the beach with friends and playing sports and exercising daily. He also loves going to nice dinners on the weekends and trying different types of foods and different types of wines. 


Juan went to Highschool in Aventura, then his senior year he got into his dream school- The University of Florida. His whole life being a sports fan, he loved following the Florida Gators, mainly their basketball and football program. At the University of Florida, he got his Bachelors in Economics, and a minor in Real Estate. Growing up in Miami, he knew he always wanted to pursue something in real estate, whether that would be in an analyst type of position or a client facing one where I am able to connect and build relationships with clients.  Florida was a great catalyst that evolved him into the person he is today. He was social chair and treasurer of his fraternity in college, where he really learned a lot about himself and met some great people. “Some of these dudes will most definitely be at my wedding, and that’s all thanks to the University of Florida.”  


Juan is excited for what the future holds for him. He mentions that he is still trying to find a balance in his life with his long work hours, exercise schedule, and social life, but he loves the challenge. Juan is a bright 24-year-old hungrier than ever to succeed. My open mind, and ability to really connect with people, I believe can take me a long way not only in this industry but in life. I love stimulating my mind through education. Everyday, I learn something new, and I am excited to work at a company like Iconic Mortgage, where the culture is on another level and opportunities are endless!!  

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