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 The mortgage market faced major headwinds in 2024, with rising interest rates leading to a slowdown in refinances and purchase originations. However, while overall mortgage lending declined, some top lenders managed to gain market share during this period. This indicates a competitive shift in the industry, as certain companies demonstrate resilience and an ability to operate successfully even in challenging conditions.  

For mortgage loan officers, understanding which lenders are strengthening their position can influence strategies for sourcing products and partnerships. Building relationships with growing lenders may lead to more mortgage origination opportunities in the future. Additionally, analyzing why these companies are gaining share provides insights for loan officers looking to boost their competitiveness. 

Mortgage Market

What’s Driving Shift in the Mortgage Market?

The shift in origination share stems from several key factors:  

  • Aggressive pricing strategies to win business  
  • Streamlined digital lending platforms   
  • Focus on purchase loans over volatile refinances  
  • Established brand recognition and trust    

Leading lenders have doubled down on technology to operate more efficiently. Their digital tools provide faster pre-approvals and closings, helping them process loans at high volumes. Additionally, concentrating on thriving purchase mortgage segments and leveraging strong brand awareness helps drive sustainable origination growth even as markets contract.  

For individual loan officers trying to compete, this indicates the increasing necessity for digital and marketing fluency. Enhancing your personal brand and online presence while also streamlining processes through mortgage technology is essential. Those who adapt best to the current environment will gain share. 

Gaining Share Through Volatile Conditions

The lenders gaining share have deployed smart strategies for navigating the volatile mortgage market. As the Federal Reserve rapidly increased interest rates over the past year to curb inflation, mortgage rates on 30-year fixed loans surged from around 3% to over 6%. This led to plunging refinance demand and slowing home buying activity.    

Overall mortgage origination volume dropped around 65% from 2021 to 2022. Yet top lenders managed to rapidly adjust their operations to change course and capture more business within a rapidly declining market. Their flexible pricing tactics, focus on purchase loans and investment in digital efficiency provided necessary resilience.  

For loan officers competing in these difficult conditions, versatility and responsiveness to changing markets is equally vital. Staying up-to-date on the latest mortgage rate moves and macroeconomic trends helps loan officers advise clients on optimal timing for loans. Additionally, expanding lending networks and utilizing technology aids the ability to capture borrowers even as activity declines. Honing these competitive attributes helps loan officers stand out from the pack. 

Standout Lenders Gain Share

Specific lenders standing out with strong origination share growth in Q4 2023 include:  

Rocket Mortgage:   

America’s largest mortgage lender saw origination volume grow 6% year-over-year in Q4, while the overall market plunged 65%. Strategic adjustments like cost cutting, rate reductions and leveraging the power of its digital lending platform maintained share growth.  

Loan Depot:    

The digital-first lender expanded share in Q4 with origination volume rising over 145% annually. Concentrating on purchase loans and competitive pricing for lower profit margins brought in business. Its mello smartloan platform also drove efficiency.  

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp:  

This lender’s focus on personal service and purchase loans caused its origination volume to grow 29% annually in Q4. Customized rate quotes and strong real estate agent partnerships further drove its share gains.  

Lessons for Mortgage Loan Officers

The success of leading lenders in the face of adversity provides useful takeaways for loan officers aiming to compete at a high level, including:  

  • Embrace digital tools and platforms to drive efficiency   
  • Closely track market trends and economics  
  • Build networks with real estate agents and other referrers    
  • Prioritize purchase mortgages less vulnerable to shifts  
  • Advertise rates competitively while maintaining profitability  
  • Highlight experience and trustworthiness   

Mortgage loan officers able to shift their tactics nimbly and leverage relationships will gain share. Though the housing slowdown presents obstacles, opportunity exists for those conquering the conditions through smart strategies based on market awareness. Adopting the methods and resilience of top-performing lenders best positions loan officers to capture more borrowers. Gaining share indicates not just surviving, but thriving in even the most volatile mortgage landscape.  

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