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Jason Darby started his adult life in the U.S. Marine Corps. He spent 8 years on active duty and went on multiple deployments while serving. During his service he attempted to buy a home and was told by another service member that the lender was ripping him off. After looking at the loan estimate closer he cancelled the purchase. “I had no clue what I was doing. There is no education to service members on buying a home. I got scared and backed out.” After an abrupt ending to his career in the military due to an injury, Jason jumped into the mortgage industry in 2008. He wanted to learn how it worked so that other service members had someone reliable to go to. He positioned himself as a source of information for other service members and is considered “The VA Mortgage Marine,” by many who he has helped. “I really don’t care if they do the loan with me. I will help them either way. I just don’t want what happened to me happen to any other Veteran or their family members. We all made sacrifices. Some more than others.”

While helping other Veterans obtain a mortgage, Jason went back to school and obtained a bachelor’s degree at FIU. During that time frame and with the help of Iconic Mortgage, he was able to help just under one thousand Veterans refinance their home or purchase their new home. He prides himself on getting the best deal for his clients whether they are looking for a ten thousand Square foot home or a one thousand square foot home.

Iconic Mortgage is incredibly diverse and has access to almost every loan product on the market. Jason is knowledgeable and had the opportunity to finance everything from one hundred-thousand-dollar condos to thirty-million-dollar beach front penthouses. Needless to say, if you’re working with Jason, you’re in good hands.

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Rated 4.9 of 5

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At Iconic Mortgage Corp, You Will Get No-Cost Options For Future Loans

Jason Darby

"The best mortgage Company in in the world I recommend it .. great staff members very professional. 5 stars. They did everything so Smooth don’t waste your time going to a bank iconic mortgage got better deals . Thank you guys . God bless this company for ever 🙏"

Joel Ramos
Miami, FL
Jason Darby

I was so surprised when I received a call about refinancing! I had given up hope in getting it done. I wanted a new mortgage company so bad, now I have one that is so much better than the last one! Juan was there if I had one question or a million questions. He made sure I understood everything that he was talking about. I was so please that he was honest and patient with me. I have recommended them to everyone I talk to about a mortgage. I was treated with kindness, patience, understanding and very professional people. I can't thank them enough for all they have done for me!

Susan Holt
Jason Darby

Dennis was great to work with. We kept in touch throughout the whole process. The notary came to me at the location that was convenient for me to sign documents. I was notified of any changes throughout the process by text, email or phone calls. I got a lower interest rate and I am paying $300 less than I was with the old mortgage company and that includes the escrow. Thank you Iconic Mortgage Corp .

Arletha Hill
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